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Meet Finn Christopher Hudson, the seventeen year old boy from Cincinnati, Ohio who’s currently in his senior year at Saint Vincent’s Academy. He’s a part of Sirius House and applied for the school due to his sporting capabilities. The kid might be in a relationship with Quinn Fabray at the moment, but he also identifies as heterosexual. This character is currently available for auditions.

Everything You Need To Know

↳ In the very beginning, Finn Hudson’s life was one that started with a tragedy that ultimately left a scar on the family forever. When he was an infant, and perhaps he was therefore fortunately too young to remember, his father supposedly died an honorable death in the midst of a war. Or so that was what his mother told him, so Finn grew up worshiping a man who he thought to be a hero. All of his childhood, Finn had begged his mother to tell him tales of the man, and she did so happily. In fact, Carole, who was something of a friend as well as a mother, told him that she saw a great deal of Christopher in Finn. There was his compassionate and accepting nature, his relaxed lifestyle, the goofy grin and his ability to make everything seem fun. To be likened to a hero was the best thing that Finn could ever ask for but despite his admiration for his father, Finn always knew it was his mom who was the true savior. She was really cool, doing whatever it was that Finn wanted and being all around supportive of him. In fact, she didn’t even block her ears when Finn would sit down at his father’s drumkit and crash the sticks against the instrument, instead choosing to smile fondly as she shook her head. Finn didn’t want to just make the memory of his father proud. He wanted to make his mother proud to, so that was what he was going to spend his whole life doing.

↳ Finn always knew that if he wanted to make his parents proud, then he had to be something special. That was why Finn dedicated a great deal of his time to being good at everything other than school, since homework was something he found boring and he couldn’t quite wrap his head around a lot of his subjects. He didn’t need to because where being athletic was concerned, Finn was exceptional. That wasn’t to say that he could go off and run a marathon. In fact, he’d probably get too tired for that, but he thought he was a pretty decent football player. Plus, it turned out he could sing and play guitar, so he told himself that if he couldn’t become a professional football player, then his fallback career would obviously be that of a rock star. In spite of Finn knowing that he was quite good at football, the truth was that he underestimated his talent. That became apparent when he received a letter saying that he had been referred to Saint Vincent’s Academy by a leading trainer in Cincinnati. While Finn had a dorky grin on his face at the prospect, his mother was filled with delight and tears about having to say farewell to his son. Sure, she’d get to see him during the summer holidays, but life without him around would certainly be a challenge.

↳ Since starting at the Academy, where he was a member of Sirius House, everything had been a bumpy but awesome ride. He quickly became the star quarterback of the school who was extremely popular, loved by people of every house regardless of the feuding. He was one of the few students who was adored by everyone, forever being loyal to his cheer leader girlfriend from Achernar House. The school work isn’t quite so easy but he figured that he could do okay as long as he was tutored a lot, which kind of helped. But although his time at the Academy has been coming along wonderfully thus far, the summer before his senior year was a different story entirely. During the summer, it was then that his mother finally sat down and told him the truth about his father. The man hadn’t simply died at war. War had changed him and when he returned from it, he was a different man. Cold and distant, the man ended his life following a drug overdose, something that changed the way that Finn looked at the world. After mulling things over for weeks with Mike Chang, who had come to stay with him over the summer holidays, his friend helped him to see that his father was worthy of admiration and forgiveness if Finn was ready to give that. But in time to come, not everyone could be forgiven as easily as Finn chose to still respect his father. Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend Quinn had visited his best friend Puck over the holidays and had ended up sleeping with him. Now the girl, is pregnant with a child that isn’t even Finn’s, the latter having no idea that the one he thought was the love of his life was pregnant and had cheated on him.

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