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Meet Michael Robert Chang Jr., the seventeen year old boy from Detroit, Michigan who’s currently in his senior year at Saint Vincent’s Academy. He’s a part of Sirius House and applied for the school due to his family’s wealth. The kid might be single at the moment, but he also identifies as heterosexual. This character is currently available for auditions.

Everything You Need To Know

↳ The only child of the extremely wealthy and impossibly intelligent Chang family, from the very moment he was born Mike had the weight of the world sitting atop his shoulders. It was almost like a family legacy, that every Chang must be breathtakingly smart and focus on academics above all else to be considered a true member of the family. Mike, like his ancestors, was therefore taught the importance of all things academic from a young age, being taught maths and science among other complex subjects as soon as he knew how to write. The family were a had working one, and it was of course expected that Mike would be the same. There was only half an hour of television per week, friendships and relationships were generally frowned upon unless they remained in school only, it was vital that he knew how to play the piano and he had to keep his fitness levels up. Mike certainly didn’t have a troublesome time in terms of impressing his parents, doing exactly what they told him when they told him to do it and often taking a great deal of initiative. His academic skills wildly impressed his teachers from a young age and it was a wonder that Mike had never been moved up a year in school.

↳ Since it was understood that Mike would one day be faced with a great deal of stress, his father felt it mandatory to lighten his load so that his son didn’t explode. But “free time” was considered taking part in an extracurricular activity chosen by his father, and the man decided that dancing would do wonders for his stamina. At first, Mike hated the idea of doing dancing. It didn’t seem very him at all, so he was sure he’d actually rather be shut up in his room doing work. But it turned out to be quite the opposite. When it came down to it, Mike was extremely talented, a dancer whose skills could keep people smiling from one ear to the other. Working tirelessly hard to expand upon his skills, Mike rapidly discovered that dancing was his favorite part of his week and his study breaks often involved nurturing his talent. His father was impressed, not understanding that dancing was Mike’s passion, with Mike not being willing to admit it in fear he wouldn’t be allowed to continue. His son was dedicated and fit, everything a Chang should be, and he saw that should be rewarded. He did that by sending in a shockingly large amount of money to Saint Vincent’s Academy, where the staff were all too happy to welcome him into Sirius House.

↳ Although Mike certainly was able to fit in well at the school and was generally happy with where he was, taking part in a strand of difficult subjects as well as dance, the past summer had been less than thrilling for him. Rather than enjoying his time like most would, Mike saw no problem in finally opening up to his father that he didn’t want to be a doctor or a scientist. He wanted to be a dancer, maybe even a choreographer, more than anything else in the world. Everything fell apart after that, with the man being far from amused at the news. He shouted, told his son what a disappointment he was and in the end chose to disown Mike. Shattered beyond belief and banned from contacting his mother to beg her to stay, Mike had no choice but to move in with a fellow member of the football team, Finn Hudson. Mike spent the rest of the summer there until it was time for them to return to the Academy, but it wasn’t a holiday he enjoyed. Instead, Mike spent the time focusing on academics and doing everything he could to ignore his burning desire to dance, wanting to somehow figure out how to win back the respect of the man who had once seemed so supportive.

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