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Meet Kurt Elijah Hummel, the seventeen year old boy from Lima, Ohio who’s currently in his senior year at Saint Vincent’s Academy. He’s a part of Eltanin House and applied for the school due to his admiration for the arts. The kid might be single at the moment, but he also identifies as homosexual. This character is currently available for auditions.

Everything You Need To Know

↳ For all the people in the world, you were bound to stumble upon at least one who was so remarkably special and so insanely talented at some point in your life. Kurt Hummel, the loving child of Burt and Elizabeth, grew up in Lima knowing that he was better suited for everything other than the humdrum town. His mother had the most incredible impact on his life, sharing with him her talent as a singer and admiration for fashion so that he adopted her craving for Broadway and skill at the sewing machine. His father, a man protective and loyal to all he deemed his friends, passed on those attributes to his son, with the influence of his parents turning him into someone that certainly stood out in a crowd. They were a happy family, one who never imagined that the euphoria they experienced together could ever be ruined. And when everything about the Hummel lifestyle was crushed, none of them wanted to believe it. Nobody wanted to receive the dreaded call in the middle of the night, but that was exactly what Burt and Kurt woke up to, finding out that his mother had been involved in a fatal car accident. It was a shock to the entire family and life after that would never been the same again.

↳ There were countless times when Kurt wished more than anything else in the world that his mother was still around. He missed the woman with all of his heart and he knew his father did too, but Kurt felt that his school life would have been a great deal easier if she was still there. It was rather common knowledge that Kurt was gay, something that many people concluded based on the way he talked and the clothes he wore, so Kurt had to deal with the people in his tiny town picking on him as much as they could. At the same time, he became desperate to show that nothing anybody said could bring him down, so he boldly came out as gay during his freshman year, resulting in the bullying getting far worse. It certainly took its toll on Kurt, especially since his father despite being extremely supportive was not overly fond of the idea that his only son was gay, but when Kurt admitted to being bullied, it brought him and his father a great deal closer together. Burt taught Kurt to stand up for himself and to not care about what those people said, because at the end of the day, Kurt was the one who would be successful. It was also Burt who, as well as being severely worried for his son’s safety, told him to kick all the bullies in the backside and show them that he was better than them by trying out for a greater school. Kurt did just that, thrilled and touched by his father’s warmth, and with a score of 99% earned himself a place at Saint Vincent’s Academy in Eltanin House.

↳ Not everything about being accepted into Saint Vincent’s Academy was a highlight. His lifelong best friend, Rachel Berry, who shared the same dreams of Broadway with him was sorted into Achernar House for the talented, the place where Kurt had desperately wanted to be, with the only aspect stopping him being his high grades. The girl, believing that meant she had a superior talent to him, ended up being too boastful for Kurt to handle. They certainly had no difficulty in upholding their house rivalry, with Kurt growing to dislike Rachel immensely and the latter finding him insufferable. But where Rachel was often wide-birthed by her peers who saw her as obnoxious, Kurt on the other hand was generally well received. His talent was respected, those in need of tutoring often came to him, he offered a shoulder for those struggling with their sexuality and he became a respected student among peers and teachers alike. In the end, Kurt found that he couldn’t complain about being sorted into a house he initially had no desire to be in, taking solace in the friendly nature of his peers. He didn’t need Rachel, and he knew he was making his mother proud. The only thing that bothered Kurt now was that he was a senior and he had sadly, tragically, never even been kissed.

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